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Fabric Art of Structure & Material

A mythical creature with waving body and serpent-like forms, with its perfectly flexible skin following movement and yet being a perfectly adaptable shell… Laokoon structural fabric brings forth in us associations from our deepest unconscious, memories from prehistoric times and of the long-forgotten living organisms of evolution.

This absolutely outstanding, innovative and transformable form, uniting art & material was invented by Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly.

Laokoon is a moving structure, it’s lamellae can be made of paper, leather, metal, wood, cork, many kinds of plastic etc. The main criteria regarding this matchless material is that it should have a certain strenght and at the same time certain flexibility. Structure made of it is always rectangle, but as the series of lamellae can slide on each other, they can be arranged in a fan-like or a 3D round form – or even be turned out. This makes possible the creation of 3D forms without cutting – and these are suitable for the making of open-and-fold objects, covers or partitions.

Because of the special linking technique, Laokoon must be produced in a taylor-made form, but as it is free moving (what is the main point in the structure), it is possible to keep the shaped form by fixing it.