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Lighting Design

The very first product made of Laokoon structured fabric was a lamp, Enzo. This concept lamp can be shaped in a sculpting-like way, and has won several prizes. Evolving from Enzo lamp, we have develomped three different kinds of lamp families, based on different characteritics of this unique material. Babel has a classic rectangular shade. Medusa is recalling the movement of a medusa, and with it’s changeable shape Drop imitating a raing drop…

Shades of these lamps are translucent and special prismatic or iridescent surfaces interact with light.

However, if you have an idea of an own variation of any of these models, we are open for a cooperation and thus the development and production of a new model. Please don’t hesitate to register and contact us.

Find more on the variety of lamps and the specifications of each HERE.

Art and Installations

Strenght and flexibility mean that Laokoon structured material, which moves easily between art and design, is absolutely ideal for art installations. We are open for cooperation with designers and interieur designers to join our forces and create streamlined, floating, open or closed, curved or rectangular, or any other kind of forms.

Laokoon structured material was already displayed as a spectacular art installation on a London Design exhibition.

Should you be interested in such a cooperation, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form!

Interior Design Service

Laokoon offers a Comprehensive Interor Design Service to help you bring the most out of our products. Whether you are desiging your own home or you are a professional working on large scale projects our interior designers are at your service.