Lighting Collection

  • Medusa Table Lamp

    Medusa Table Lamp

    Medusa lamps are almost like living creatures, with their shades resembling a body pulsing like of a medusa.


  • Drop Table Lamp

    Drop Table Lamp

    Drop lamps give the greatest possibility for Laokoon material to show it’s characteristics, their structure being movable and thus suitable for the making of arbitrary forms, offering a great number of possibilities.


  • Babel Table Lamp

    Babel Table Lamp

    With its static form redefining simplicity, Babel lamps showcase the characteristics of a classic lamp model.


  • Medusa Thorus Lamp

    Medusa Thorus Lamp

    Medusa Thorus lamp creates the illusion of a creature freely floating in the water. The bulbous form is suspended from the ceiling and distributes light just as a big fluorescent sea organism.


  • Drop Pendant Lamp

    Drop Pendant Lamp

    Drop Pendant lamps are the suspended version of Drop Table model, their form symbolising a raindrop.


  • Babel Pendant Lamp

    Babel Pendant Lamp

    Babel Pendant exploits the modular nature of rectangular forms, and thus multiplicating the surface highlighting the structural beauty of Laokoon fabric.


Interior Design Service

Laokoon offers a Comprehensive Interor Design Service to help you bring the most out of our products. Whether you are desiging your own home or you are a professional working on large scale projects our interior designers are at your service.

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Lighting Inspirations

Our Lighting Products, showcasing the unique characteristics of Laokoon material, consist of Medusa, Babel and Drop lamp families. Our lamps are a perfect addition to inspirational interieurs, from contemporary to classic.