• Essence Collection

    Essence Collection

    Made of plain colour leatherette combined with trapeze wavelines, Laokoon Essence wall coverings, thanks to their restrained appearance, can be an ideal background for colourful, characteristic pieces of furniture.


  • Classic Collection

    Classic Collection

    Because if their restrained monochrome colours and fine wavelines, these wall coverings are suitable for a wide-range of styles, and harmonize with the patterns and colours of Laokoon lamps.


  • Opulent Collection

    Opulent Collection

    Opulent Collection boasts with a wide selection of materials of outstanding and extravagant appearances, which can contribute to the creation of a uniquely characteristic ambience.


Wall Inspirations

Laokoon Wallcoverings are a unique implements to emphasize the characteristics and special atmosphere of an interior, let it be classic, minimal or luxurious. This selection of examples showcases the way how this spectacular structured material is able to become the focal point of the room. The wide selection of applications, from private residences to hotel ambience demonstrates that our wall coverings are suitable for all possible genres of interior design.

How to install