Classic Collection

Showcasing the appearance of Laokoon structured materials, the elements of Classic collection harmonize with the patterns and colours of Laokoon lamps. With their classic wavelines, following a sophisticated, asymmetric geometry, Laokoon Classic panels are available in directional versions. Because if their restrained monochrome colours and fine wavelines, these wall coverings are suitable for a wide-range of styles.

Marble-like surface of Mirage panels were inspired by the geometry of the stripes of the Bengal tiger. Finely structured, glittering Metaori material, resembling the appearance of meteorite stones, evokes the enigmatic, distant world of the faraway galaxies.


    Laokoon wall covering materials have sound and heat insulating properties, they are acoustically favourable and much lighter than concrete or ceramic wall covers. Compared to many wallpapers they have a much subtle 3D effect, thanks to their thickened rows of lamellae. Certain types are of contrasting colours, and show a different graphic pattern from different point of views. They are also pliable and thus suitable for bent surfaces. Classic flaky surface of this unique material is combined with a wide variety of colours and patterns. Size of the panels is uniformly 50 x 50 cms, and they are produced with cork backing. Panels, which are suitable for indoor use, can be fixed by regular gluing technologies.

      Proposals for use

        Our panels are great for enhancing details of interiors, decoration of wall recessions or highlighted wall sections and also for decoration of bigger wall surfaces (e. g. section of a wall in the living room, meeting room, reception or part of hotel bedrooms). They can also be a wonderful choice for reception counters (bent section of the counter) or the wall section behind the counter, for covering of pillars and columns, lift interiors, corridors, or the area behind the TV screen.

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          Classic Deira

          Spindle motifs combined with the contrast of glossy bronze & matte black colours and dragon wavelines.

          Pattern: Dragon

          Dimensions: 1m2

          SKU CL01

          Price: €165

          Classic Metaori-Black

          Finely structured, glittering material with classic pattern, resembling the appearance of meteorite stones.

          Pattern: Classic

          Dimensions: 1m2

          SKU CL02

          Price: €191

          Classic Mirage-Taupe

          Taupe colored marble-like surface imitating the stripes of the Bengal tiger, with classic pattern.

          Pattern: Classic

          Dimensions: 1m2

          SKU CL03

          Price: €191