Installation Guide for Laokoon Wallcoverings

Laokoon decorative wallcoverings are suitable for covering the whole or parts of wall surfaces. The wall surface to be covered must be precisely measured and marked out before installation, paying special attention to horizontal and vertical directions and right angles. Precise measuring will determine the final result.

Laokoon panel types

Since trapeze and dragon patterns have negative and positive edges which lap over making it possible to fit the panels with no joint gap cut the vertical edge of the starting panels along the edge of the carrier, keeping the right angle. In the case of classic pattern panel there is no need to cut the starting panel.

Cutting should always be done on the face side of the panel, along a metal ruler, holding the panel firmly. Always use a new and sharp blade. Do not attempt to cut the material with one cut; instead, apply
several firm cuts without using too much force to get a neat and precise cutting edge. Make sure that the cutting plane is perpendicular to the panel plane.

Proceed with the mounting of panels in horizontal rows from the top downwards and regularly use the spirit level to adjust the horizontal position of rows and to ensure the appropriate fitting of panels. Cut the closing panels to the appropriate size if necessary. Do not cut the closing panel in advance; its required size can only be determined relative to the already mounted panels. Make sure that the size to be marked out on the next panel and to be cut as described above is the distance between the edge of the already mounted panel’s backing and the edge of the area to be covered.

Panels can be mounted on the wall using a water-based adhesive recommended for polystyrene, following the instructions of the adhesive producer. An important advantage of such adhesives is that they allow adjustments for a short time after mounting. Do not use solvent adhesives or contact adhesives.

The wallcovering can be mounted with a frame around or by adjusting it to a wall edge. If the wallcovering is mounted onto multiple adjacent walls meeting at a positive or negative angle, it is advisable to use profile on the edges to ensure a better fitting.

The profile matching your wallcoverings can be purchased from Laokoon Design along with your wallcoverings. If you decide to use a profile, start installation by mounting the edge profile onto the positive or negative wall corner with the self-adhesive mounting strips. Use a spirit level to adjust the vertical position.

You are recommended to consult our video on the method of installation before starting the work.


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